Final Programme of the 8th Annual YEN Conference can be downloaded here.


9.30 Registration
9.55 Welcome Address

First Session: Cell Fate Determination
Chair: Sara Pozzi
10.00 Teresa Rayon (The Francis Crick Institute)
Distinct mechanisms regulate Cdx2 expression in the blastocyst and in trophoblast stem cells
10.20 Sarah Bowling (Imperial College London)
mTOR mediates fitness sensing during cell competition in the early mammalian embryo
10.40 Sarah Harrison (University of Cambridge)
Organoids of mouse embryonic and extra-embryonic stem cells model the development of the mouse egg-cylinder up to gastrulation
11.00 Laura Hardwick (University of Cambridge)
Multi-site phosphorylation of bHLH transcription factors regulates formation of nerve and muscle

11.20-11.45 Coffee Break & Poster Session

Second Session: Polarity and Asymmetry in Embryo Development
Chair: Tatiana Solovieva
11.50 Vineetha Vijayakumar (King’s College London)
Establishing the inside out axis of the vertebrate brain
12.10 Ana Faro (University College London)
CachD1 is a novel type I transmembrane protein that regulates the development of habenular asymmetry in zebrafish

Guest Session: Imaging Techniques in Life Sciences
Chair: Oleksandr Nychyk
12.30 Dale Moulding (Microscopy Manager, UCL Institute of Child Health)
Recent Advances in Microscopy and Live Imaging Techniques

13.00 – 13.50 Lunch Break & Poster Session

13.50 – 14.00 Maaike Pols (Faculty 1000)
F1000Prime and Workspace

Guest Session: Human & Mouse Embryonic Development
Chair: Charlotte Douglas
14.00 Kathy Niakan (The Francis Crick Institute)
Mechanisms of Lineage Specification in Human Embryos and Stem Cells
14.30 Shankar Srinivas (University of Oxford)
Getting Your Head Around early Mouse Development

15.00-15.25 Coffee Break & Poster Session

Third Session: Morphogenesis, Repair and Regeneration
Chair: Bryony Leeke
15.30 Alice Roycroft (University College London)
Redistribution of adhesive forces during contact inhibition of locomotion
15.50 Gabriel Galea (University College London)
Biomechanical coupling of the mammalian posterior neuropore facilitates neural fold apposition
16.10 Tapan Pipalia (King’s College London)
Cellular dynamics of regeneration reveals role of two distinct Pax7 stem cell populations in larval zebrafish muscle repair

The Sammy Lee Memorial Lecture
Chair: Fearon Cassidy
16.30 Prof.Paul Martin (University of Bristol)
Study Wound Healing and Cancer in Mice and Fish and Flies…and Patients too

17.30 Oral and Poster Communication Prizes
17.40 Closing Address
17:45 Drinks Reception

We look forward to seeing you at UCL Institute of Child Health!

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