Registration for the 9th Young Embryologist Network Conference is now open, aiming again to bring together developmental biologists from across the UK (and beyond) to discuss their work.

This year, Dr Darren Gilmour from EMBL Heidelberg will present The Sammy Lee Memorial Lecture. In addition, this year YEN conference will host Dr. Karen Liu (King’s College, London), and Prof. Michael Stumpf (Imperial College, London) as invited speakers, as well as a Q&A panel on the topic of science communication with Jenny Jopson and Jonathan Wood (Francis Crick institute).

Following the spirit of the YEN conference there will be talks and posters from young PhD students and Post-docs showing their research on Evo-Devo, Stem Cell, and Developmental Biology, not only resulting from experimental studies but also from theoretical modelling. Whether you want to contribute to the meeting or just attend the symposium, you can register here. The deadline for abstract submission is midnight on 9th April 2017.

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