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Young Embryologist Network (YEN) is an academic body aimed at improving communication in the developmental biology research environment for Doctoral Students and Post-Doctoral scientists based in the UK and Europe. Together every year we organise a conference in London, on the subject of developmental biology.

Learn skills

Joining the YEN community is an amazing opportunity to learn multiple skills on how to organise and promote a conference

Discuss Science

Join us at YEN 2021 to hear and discuss about science with other young scientists like yourself in a relaxed environment


Being part of the YEN committee allows you to make and develop contacts that might be useful for your future career


Our team is mainly composed of PhD students and early post-doctoral researchers based in London

Foteini Papaleonidopoulou

PhD Student at The Francis Crick Institute

Area of research: Developmental signalling

Jeremie Subrini

PhD Student at The Francis Crick Institute

jeremie.subrini@crick.ac.uk // Area of research: Y chromosome biology

Michelle Neumann

PhD Student at The Francis Crick Institute

michelle.neumann@crick.ac.uk // Area of research: Sex determination in mice

Sergio Menchero

Postdoctoral Training Fellow at The Francis Crick Institute

sergio.menchero@crick.ac.uk // Area of research: Marsupial development and epigenetics

Jack Morgan

PhD Student at Kings College London

Jack.Morgan@kcl.ac.uk // Area of research: Craniofacial Embryology

Ollie Inge

PhD Student at The Francis Crick Institute

oliver.inge@crick.ac.uk // Area of research: Stem cells and signalling dynamics

Luca Zanieri

PhD Student at University College London

luca.zanieri@crick.ac.uk // Area of research: Development of oesophageal epithelium

Ferran Garcia Llagostera

PhD Student at MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences

ferran.garcia18@imperial.ac.uk // Area of research: Chromatin and development

Olivia Dinwoodie

PhD student at King’s College London

Area of research: Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Oliver Bower

PhD Student at The Francis Crick Institute

Area of research: Early human embryonic development and embryonic stem cells

Matyas Bubna-Litic

PhD Student at University College London

m.bubna-litic@ucl.ac.uk // Area of research: Mechanobiology and fate determination during early morphogenesis

Irina Balaguer Balsells


ib1618@ic.ac.uk// Area of research: Developmental Epigenomics

Christos Kalaitzis

PhD Student at Imperial MRC-LMS

Regenerative medicine, stem cells, and single-cells genomics

Latest news

YEN2022 Image Competition Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Justina Yeung, winner of our YEN2022 Image Competition! Justina wowed us with this beautiful watercolour. She said of her winning image: “This abstract watercolour painting captures various elements of the research in developmental Read more…


**PLEASE NOTE THE YEN2022 IMAGE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** We are running a competition to find an incredible scientific image/artwork to feature on our YEN2022 poster. All you have to do is send us an Read more…

YEN does it again!

Thanks to Katherine Exelby and Vicki Metzis for writing a review of our YEN 2017 conference on The Node! If you want to have a look at it, follow this link: http://thenode.biologists.com/yen-does-it-again/events/

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