1. Sarah Aldous
    S-nitrosylation of the NuRD complex during cortical development
  1. Zain Alhashem
    Identity acquisition in the trunk neural crest
  1. Melissa Antoniou-Kourounioti
    Rapidly diverging targets of a Bmp2/Wnt3a/Smad1 signalling network in cardiac versus musculoskeletal progenitors
  1. Irene Aspalter
    Migration of embryonic stem cells at the exit of naïve pluripotency
  1. Rachel Bonnington
    Investigating glia-to-neuron cell fate switches in C. elegans
  1. Joana Borrego Pinto
    Embryonic polarity during energy depleting conditions
  1. Sarah Bowling
    P53 and mTOR signalling determine fitness selection through cell competition during early mouse embryonic development
  1. Nadejda Capatina
    The FOXO3a axis in trophoblast stem cell differentiation
  1. Camille Charoy
    Molecular control of boundary cap stem cell function
  1. Samuel Davis
    Optical projection tomography for imaging vasculature and cancer
  1. Julia Deathridge
    Regulation of stem cell differentiation by ERK/MAPK signalling
  1. Chris Derrick
    Investigating the role of cell-ECM interactions in heart development using zebrafish
  1. Katherine Exelby
    Boundary precision in the ventral neural tube
  1. Tim Fulton
    Neuromesodermal Progenitors are Conserved Source of Spinal Cord with Divergent Growth Dynamics
  1. Yuki Hatanaka
    GSE and Mettl23, a Novel H3R17me2a Methyltransferase, are Essential for Tet3-dependent DNA Demethylation in Zygotes
  1. Max Kerr Winter
    Tissue mechanics of cavity growth in the peri-implantation mouse embryo
  1. Lynette Lim
    Optimization of interneuron function by direct coupling of cell migration and axonal targeting
  1. Rosie Marshall
    Investigating surface ectoderm biomechanics during neural tube closure in wild-type and Grhl mutant embryos
  1. Petchroi Petchreing
    The Effect of Histone Modification Modulations on Early Embryonic Development
  1. Yushi Redhead
    Craniofacial Dysmorphology in mouse models of Down syndrome
  1. Silvia Ruzittu
    Molecular mechanisms underlying pancreatic cell identity and plasticity
  1. Chloe Santos
    Investigating the Role of the Mitochondrial-Specific Enzyme, Glycine Decarboxylase, in Neural Tube Closure
  1. Adam Shellard
    The forgotten rear of collective cell migration: a new role for supracellular contractility
  1. Qin Kane Toh
    Studying cell-fate decision making in Neuromesodermal progenitors: investigating the transition state hypothesis
  1. Katherine Trevers
    Neural induction by the node and placode induction by head mesoderm share an initial state resembling neural plate border and ES cells
  1. David Willnow
    Liver and pancreas cell lineage divergence
  1. Ayaka Yanagida
    Physical mechanisms of epiblast and primitive endoderm segregation in the mouse embryo
  1. Meng Zhu
    How does mouse embryo establish the first cell polarity: actomyosin asymmetry and beyond
  1. Nadia Moreno
    Understanding congenital disease through investigations of human embryonic and fetal development

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