1.Rita Alonaizan

Enhancing the survival and therapeutic potential of mouse cardiac progenitor cells with microRNA-210 overexpression for myocardial infarction cell therapy


2.Roberta Azzarelli

Ascl1 phosphorylation regulates the differentiation status of glioma stem cells


3.Ailin Buzzi

Reconstruction of cell fate choices: from progenitor to segregated otic and epibranchial lineages


4.Ivan Candido-Ferreira

Reverse engineering of a pan-vertebrate neural crest transcriptional network


5.Michelle Cheung

Investigating the generic interaction between Setd5 and Tbx1


6.Jessica Forsyth

A computational approach to link spatiotemporal dynamics of cells with protein expression at the single cell level


7.James Gahan

Investigating the role of the Lsd1-CoREST complex in development of the cnidarian Nematostella vectensis


8.Alice Godden

Using CRISPR/Cas9 to investigate the role of microRNAs in the development of Xenopus Neural Crest


9.Cato Hastings

Mathematical modelling of the formation of the primitive streak


10.Eva Kane

Investigating the role of miR-7 in pancreatic islet development


11.Yan Liang

Collembolan Ubx on appendage repression: Molecular Evolution from Crustacea to Insecta


12.Marilena Loizou

The function of signalling through RXR and related receptors in the early Xenopus embryo and the relation with Alzheimer’s disease


13.Sian Martin

An optimised method for Cas9 gene editing in Xenopus oocytes


14.Ravindra Prajapati

PRDM1 controls the sequential activation of neural, neural crest and sensory progenitor determinants by regulating histone modification 


15. Aśka Przewrocka

Resolving the essential role of Zfp516 in mammalian embryonic development


16. Teresa Rayon

Understanding species-specific timescales during development


17. Connor Ross



18.Hannah Russel

Developing a Protocol for Studying DIPG Tumours in a Chick Model


19. Fereshteh Sari



20. Océane Seudre

MAPK signalling pathway specifies the embryonic organiser in the spiral cleaving annelid Owenia fusiformis


21. Henrique Silva

TAZ as a potential player in developmental lung metabolic rewiring


22. Kilian Simmet

The role of OCT4/POU5F1 in bovine preimplantation embryos


23. Andrea Szydlo-Shein

Teneurin-4 is crucial for correct axonal branch formation and presynaptic organisation in the developing zebrafish visual system


24. Hannah Tjandra

Understanding the role of RecQL4 and BLM in neural development of Xenopus tropicalis


25. Oceane Tourniere

The POU domain transcription factor NvBrain3 is required in the differentiation of neural cells in Nematostella vectensis


26. Eleanor Weston

Investigating Inositol Status in Relation to Neural Tube Defects


27. Justina Yeung

Spatial regulation of proneural gene expression during hindbrain development

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